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Spiritual Care & Chapel

Mary-Health-ChapelThe Sisters take particular pride in providing for the spiritual needs of not only the residents, but also for their families and for the employees regardless of their faith. A Sister in charge of pastoral care is always on-call and available to contact a priest, minister or rabbi. For Catholics, reception of the Sacraments—especially Holy Communion, Confession and Anointing of the Sick—is readily available. During the dying process, residents are comforted and prayed for by family members, Sisters and staff.

With its stained glass-windows and magnificent marble altar, the Chapel’s pristine beauty is simply breathtaking. Below is additional Chapel Service information.

  • Residents, family members and friends of all faiths are welcomed in God’s house from 7 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
  • Masses are celebrated Monday-Saturday at 8 a.m., Sunday at 11 a.m., and holidays (call for times)
  • A Rosary and Holy Communion service is held on Saturday mornings. Residents can also receive daily Communion in their rooms.
  • Every day a Sister leads morning and evening prayers over the intercom.
  • Catholic residents can also go to Confession and receive an Anointing of the Sick before Easter
  • On Monday’s, volunteers conduct an inter-denominational prayer services in a recreation room.

There are many ways that you can help Mary Health of the Sick.  With a Direct Donation, a Will or by Honoring a Loved One, you can make a difference.

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